In late February I caught Covid-19 in Barcelona. On April 3rd, after almost a month, I left the hospital, weak, very weak. I had been in the ICU, my immune system was in crisis, my tired body was ready to let go and my mind/consciousness was struggling, alert, sleepless. I was about to “cross over,” and came back to life…

Leaving the ICU, I made some sketches, for my son Ismael, of what I felt I was living; I photographed them and sent them to him in a phone chat, so he could use them for a future script for an animated short film (he was  just about to finish studying cinema at the university). I sketched with what I had at hand. You will see the result in this sample.

It is something experiential, precarious, a way of seeing myself at the limit, and recording it as awareness of my own fragility, of life’s beauty and of the naturalness of death.



sketches about the covid

sketch on paper 1

sketch on paper 2

sketch on paper 3


Strike: ending series box “body records” (acrylic and canvas 200 x 140 cm)