Guillermo Del Valle


Presently, and Since 2011, I have been primarily dedicated to the visual arts, particularly painting ( To date, my work has been shown at individual exhibitions in Barcelona and Nantes and at collective exhibitions in New York.

I also design architectural projects by commission. To date, I have developed close to 20 second/vacation home projects in Chile’s coastal areas and lakes. For sample projects see:

I selectively undertake consulting projects in strategic management for public and private institutions.  

Previously, I participated in the struggle against the dictatorship in Chile (1973/1990). I also founded an NGO known as the Education Project for Democracy (1987), and I was the director and/or executive of eight public and private companies (1990 and 2012), mostly in the energy sector.   


-May 2013: individual exhibition at the BATELIER gallery in Nantes, France (

-June 2013: individual exhibition at the Werner Thöni Artspace in Barcelona, Spain (

-July 2013: collective exhibition at the Agora Gallery in New York City (

-June 2016: collective exhibition at Taller Lyon 1911, Santiago of Chile (